Welcome to the Pasco Area Naturist Development Association – PANDA: Allow me to personally welcome you to PANDA and to your portal for world-class naturism. Naturist Pasco is located in the sweet spot of world-renowned Central Florida.  All points on the naturist compass direct you to excitement and adventure every day of the year. Many thousands of fortunate naturists call Pasco County home. Additionally, thousands more visit throughout the year and enjoy their stay with us - naturally. In addition to our world-class naturist resorts and communities, all of Central Florida is at your fingertips.  From Tampa Bay to Orlando to Cape Canaveral, Central Florida is one of the few areas of the world with such a profound diversity of leading tourist and social activities, ranging from beaches and theme parks, to shopping and nightlife, to natural and cultural heritage sites. Thank you for visiting our web site, and I hope to see you in the “Year-round naturist Capital of the USA” - where our doors never close in the Sunshine State! Paul Brenot Founder, PANDA        Naturism or nudism is the practice of going without clothing in social settings, generally in mixed gender groups and for purposes of good health or personal comfort. Governed by a strict set of rules, the practice of naturism or nudism is    purposely non-erotic and nonsexual.   Stressing naturism or nudism's benefits to physical health and mental well-being, contemporary adherents maintain that its practice aids both exercise and relaxation while promoting stress relief, positive body image, and increased self-esteem. On P.A.N.D.A.’s website we will refer to nudism as naturism. Among PANDA’s goals: 1.  Expand awareness of the economic impact of naturists in Pasco County. 2.  Develop marketing strategies to increase domestic and International visitors to Pasco County clubs, resorts and communities. 3. Build strong ties between the naturist community and clothed community. 4.  Identify goodwill opportunities for naturists to do charity and volunteerism in both the naturist and clothed communities. P.A.N.D.A. cannot control nor be responsible for the content of web sites beyond our own.  With the vast amount of data on this site, P.A.N.D.A. cannot be held responsible or liable for changes, additions, or deletions that others make on 3rd party sites.