Charities & Organizations PANDA supports Sponsored Charities Blood Drives - 254 units of blood in 3 years Tourist Development Council - ads bring naturist world to Pasco County Feeding America Tampa Bay - 744 pallets + 1,214 lbs of food for the poor Cash donations of over $3,590.90 for Holiday Needy Sunrise Women's Shelter - clothing collections - future PANDA House Angelus House (Cerebral Palsy) - 30 large bags of clothes University Hospital - Walk A Thon - free mamograms - >$1,000 Support Our Troops - Gift Packages for overseas US soldiers Two Dollar Campaign - to raise awareness of Naturist spending locally Naturist History Support - future library to house rich history collection Naturist Assisted Living Facility - future ALF for disabled naturists We were glad to give ‘em the shirts off our backs!!!   PANDA’s 1st Annual Life Sustaining Event "Nudists Collect Blood, Food, and Shirt Donations" the headline read in a recent edition of the Tampa Bay Times.  On January 21st, 2012, the 1st Annual Life Sustaining Event hosted by the Pasco Area Naturist Association (P.A.N.D.A.) was met with great weather and glowing reviews.  It was a "huge success" gushed Cynthia St. Lawrence of Florida Blood Services.  Nudists flocked to Gulf Coast Resort  in Hudson, Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee, and Caliente Resort, Lake Como, and Paradise Lakes, all in Land O'Lakes in such numbers that bloodmobiles located at 2 of the resorts ran out of bags to collect blood!  In addition to the standard blood donation, PANDA had requested that blood donors could select to help out Jackie Wayland of Gulf Coast Resort in her fight against Cancer, and a lot of people did respond (from all of the resorts) to helping “one of our own”.   The event was also the culmination of the 3rd  Annual Food Drive for Suncoast Branch Food Bank, a division of Feeding America - Tampa Bay, which began on November 12th.  And of course, when P.A.N.D.A. has an event they like to have a little fun.  So, participants were also asked to show up in a shirt and donate it "right off their backs" to SUNRISE of Pasco County Inc.  In this unique setting, it was a case where most men and women couldn't wait to get that shirt off soon enough.  Thank You!  The Florida Hospital Tampa Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported the 4th Annual Heroes 'N Heels and made it such a success!  A very special thank you to all of the committee members, heroes, and supporters.  Because of your efforts, we will be saving lives in Tampa Bay! With your generosity and help, we have raised over $47,500 and counting.  For every $100 raised, a free screening mammogram is provided to an uninsured woman in the Tampa Bay community.  The Heroes 'N Heels planning committee did a wonderful job this year and we greatly appreciate your continued support!