HISTORY OF PASCO NUDISM By Lee Gregory, Pasco County Naturist Historian Before 1920 Organized nudity began with a nude hiking club named “Wandervogel” which was formed at the end of the 1800’s in Germany. The father of nudism is widely accepted to be Heinrich Pudor, who wrote “The Cult of the Nude,” which portrayed living as a naturist.  The very first naturist resort was opened in 1903 by Paul Zimmerman near Hamburg, Germany. It was called the Free Light Park and was still in operation as of 1955. 1920s Here in America, in 1929 Kurt Barthel posted notices in two German newspapers to ask for nude hikers to join him on a hike in the Hudson Mountains of New York on Labor Day of that year. 1930s In 1930, the first meeting of the American League of Physical Culture met in Spring Valley, N.Y., with 100 members, including a Baptist minister named Reverend Isley Boone.  Boone, who was called “Uncle Danny,” established the International naturist Conference in 1933 and became publisher of “The naturist”, which became “Sunshine and Health.” The name of the International naturist Conference was changed to American Sunbathing Association in August of 1936. In Florida, a man named Avery Weaver Brubaker – “Bru” was advised by his doctor to get some sun and relaxation.  The doctor recommended more nude time.  Bru was skeptical at first, but his wife Dorothy talked him into going.  They loved it and during the late 1930s Bru and Dorothy invite friends to go skinny-dipping at Gasparilla Island and Honeymoon Island with them.  The concept of a naturist resort was born among this group with the slogan of being “one big happy family”. 1940s Bru was a title attorney and the son of a Pennsylvania Mennonite minister and Miss Dorothy (who was a Legal Secretary and ASA Woman of the year in 1963) created the Florida Athletic and Health Association/Lake Como Club.  The Charter was granted on April 25, 1941 in Tampa for the promotion of outdoor health activities for its members. On February 14, 1945 the US Government granted non tax status to Lake Como Club The Island Group was started in 1948 by Harold Hendrix, Jack DePree and Burton McNealy. In 1949 there were 30 naturist clubs and 3,000 members nationwide in the American Sunbathing Association. 1950s In 1950 Lake Como became a member of the ASA. Bru became an officer of the Eastern Sunbathing Association. Sunny Palms was created in 1950 and lasted until August 1984, closing when Dupont took back their land. The Hollywood motion picture, “The Garden of Eden”, was filmed at Lake Como in 1954. Cap D’Adge in southern France was created in 1956. By 1956 Lake Como Club had become a full time business with 1,100 members. Barracks from Drewfield Army Base on Dale Mabry became the motel buildings for Lake Como in the mid 1950’s. 1960s A 60-site trailer park existed at Lake Como during the 1960s. Chin-Ka-Pin Ranch was created in 1960 by Newton Fiveash in the Florida Panhandle area. Arthur Cotterill, “Cot” defied a state law that required naturists to apply for county permits, submit to fingerprinting, list prior criminal convictions, provide character references and give the names of the applicant’s immediate family. The Florida Supreme Court quickly overturned the law in 1962. The cost to Lake Como was $4,000. Cot went to jail to protest this law. Cypress Cove was created in 1964 by Jim and Pete Hadley with 300 acres, a 50-acre lake and 130 acres of protected wetland. Sunsport Gardens was created in 1965 by Hugo Forester from a 40-acre tomato farm. Gulf Coast naturist Resort and the City Retreat subdivision was started by Swainhart in 1968. Seminal Health Club was created in 1968 by Jan and Charlie Youngman. In 1969, Lake Como was the largest naturist resort in America. 1970s All Florida Days hosted its annual beauty contest for nude men, women and children at several clubs in Florida. Volleyball was a traveling circuit including: Lake Como, Cypress Cove, Seminole and Sunny Palms. The burrow pit was dug at Lake Como and the dirt was sold creating a fifth lake. Deer Lake was dredged to build up land to add to the sandy beach and to enlarge orchards in Lake Como. Lake Como membership peaked at 3,200 members in 1972. In 1979 a deep freeze killed off most of orange trees which were replanted. Family style dining by volunteers was commonly practiced. 1980s The Naturist Society was born holding their first gathering in 1980 in California. Paradise Lakes was created in 1981 by Fred Bischoff and became 72 acres of upscale resort. A water Ski Club formed called Ski Bears. They ski jumped over a raft using a portable floating jump platform. Parasailing was also done on Big Moss Lake within Lake Como. One nude skydiver landed on top of the grass hut on the sandy beach. Another nude skydiver landed at Lake Como Drive. A palm tree burned when an errant fireworks rocket landed on it during the late 1980s. 1990s Bare Necessities travel club began its operations in 1990. Haulover Beach just north of Miami became a nude beach in 1991. Jerry Karr let the wheels of his plane down, which caused him to crash his Ultra-light aircraft into Big Moss Lake in December 1991. Karr was pulled out of the lake by Jerry Hoover who used his boat for rescue. Karr had no injuries. The same could not be said for the plane. Sunnier Palms began after the close of Sunny Palms in 1992. In 1992 there were 170 naturist resorts in existence. Radio Controlled Boaters took to Big Moss Lake every Sunday night led by Pete and Georgi Kunisch. Water skiing was accomplished in the pool by putting a rope on a wheel of a car. ASA became AANR or American Association for Nude Recreation on Oct. 1, 1994. Caliente was created by Chuck Foster on July 6, 1996. Nude Bowling on Sunday and Monday in the 1990’s was common at Royal Lanes near Paradise Lakes. 2000s Pasco Area Resorts experience 4 hurricanes in 2004 season. The Island Group was hit particularly hard, closing the facility for 18 months. Paradise Pines RV Park was created in 2004. AANR grew from 42,500 members in 1993 to 50,000 members in 2005. The Naturist Society grew to 22,000 members by 2005. By 2005 there were 260 AANR naturist resorts. The Woods RV & Park Model Subdivision located on Caliente Blvd., Land O’ Lakes, began in 2006. Pasco Naturally (pasconaturally.com) focusing on Pasco County naturists was started on March 16, 2007. PANDA – Pasco Area Naturist Development Association was formed in February 2008. Famous naturists in history You are in good company as a naturist with: Michelangelo, John Adams, George Bernard Shaw, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Edgar Rice Burrows, Kahlil Gibran, Elle McPherson, Amy Grant, Dolly Parton, Geraldo Rivera, Richard Hatch, Ross Allen, Bob Crane, Gabrielle Reece, Kelly Clarkson and others.