My Fox Tampa Bay Dec 20, 2011 - article & video Pasco hopes to entice European nudists Land O’ Lakes Patch Jan 6, 2012 - Brenot Interview Naturist Lives from the Heart ABC Action News Dec 19, 2011 - article & video Pasco County hopes European nudists will provide tourism boost Pasco County Recognizes 70 years of Naturism in the County - April 19, 2011      Resolution number 11-208 was given to PANDA recognizing the 70th anniversary of the establishment of naturism in Pasco County and commending the Pasco Area Naturist  Development Association on their contributions to the community. This document is hanging in the office of the oldest Naturist Community in Pasco County which is Lake Como Family naturist Resort for all to see.   Pasco County Tourist Development Council grant to PANDA - Sept. 14, 2011      The Pasco County Tourist Development Council has given a grant to PANDA for the amount of $3,818 for the purposes of advertisments promoting European naturist visitors to Pasco County Florida.       Pasco County Commissioner Pat Mulieri, Marcia Stone, PANDA Founder Paul Brenot News & Media Events recognized by the media about what PANDA has accomplished: USA TODAY, Dec 21, 2011 Florida county to spend funds to promote nude tourism Gaceta Latina, in Spanish Feb, 2012 Nudist destination for Europeans Bild.DE, in German Feb 1, 2012 Florida courting nudists from Germany! Jan 20, 2012 audio Jan 27, 2012 audio Florida Sun Magazine - in German, Feb 2, 2012 Nude is good - especially in Pasco County PANDA's $2 Bill Campaign ended on May 1st.  This nudist tradition demonstrates the presence of local nudist and the subsequent economic impact we represent to Pasco County.  Local banks have stocked up on the seldom used denomination for our use.  Please slip a $2 bill in with your local purchases today!  Eric Keaton of the Pasco County Tourism Development Council calls the campaign "very smart". Feb 10, 2012 audio Feb 3, 2012 audio Feb 24, 2012 audio Mar 2, 2012 audio Mar 9, 2012 audio Pasco County Community Cooperates to Promote European Naturist Tourism In recognition of encouraging more European visitors to Pasco County, the International Naturist Tourism Forum was held in Land O Lakes May 10, 2012.  Local government leaders, business, and community volunteers joined together to discuss how to promote additional European tourism for the benefit of residents and local businesses. Dr. Stan McGahey, of St. Leo University, spoke on effective marketing strategies to the international community.  Dr. McGahey is the Director and an Associate Professor of International Tourism at the university.   Lee Gregory a Pasco County naturist historian representing the Pasco Area Naturist Development Association provided a historical look back on 71 years of naturism in Pasco County. The folks at PANDA, held their inaugural International Naturist Tourism Forum Tuesday, drawing business representatives to the Land O' Lakes Recreation Center. Long afternoon short: The real nudist gold is in Europe. And unless area resorts pull in unison, Pasco never will mine the mother lode. * * * * * It turns out, reality TV notwithstanding, Americans are appallingly modest. Only about 70,000 of us are card-carrying nudists. Contrast that to Europe where, evidently, you can't swing a socialist graduate student without hitting a multigenerational naturist, who number about 19 million. It's "part of the family ethos," Oakes says. "They don't make a big deal about it." Tapping that market was much of the reason PANDA formed in the first place, followed, last yuletide, by county commissioners approving a grant to advertise in European naturist magazines. Media reports went viral. Suddenly, frozen Scandinavians were flooding  Whenever they come is all the same to Tourism Director Eric Keaton, but the ideal opportunity seems to be July and August, when Europeans take extended vacations and their home continent is expensive. By contrast, midsummer is Florida's low season; Pasco, in particular, could be an alluringly cheap date. Keaton thinks European nudists would warm to the concept of Base Camp Pasco. "Tell people you're an hour from Disney World," he says, "and their eyes light up." One problem with PANDA's pitch for more county help: It's unable even to guess how much it contributes to the $650,000 Pasco collects annually in tourist taxes. Keaton says the onus is on PANDA to figure it out: "Y'all need to be your own chamber of commerce." When that happens, PANDA may even be in a position to suggest an amended tourism slogan: Pasco — It's only naturist. By TOM JACKSON | The Tampa Tribune Published: May 09, 2012 AANR has given PANDA the HAL O’Neil Award for Outstanding PR during the Annual AANR convention held at Lake Como AANR has given PANDA the Meritorious Service Award to PANDA during the Annual AANR convention held at Lake Como Kathy Mullen - Branch Coordinator of Feeding America – Tampa Bay – Suncoast Branch John Lutz - Oasis HOA manager Chris Mulvaney - PANDA Director of Charities John Copeland – Former President of Lake Heron HOA Vernon Allen - President of PANDA Recently the “4th Annual 2012 Food Drive for Families” was conducted. And as in the past, you are just one entity of many who helped PANDA collect donations for the Feeding America – Tampa Bay- Suncoast Branch. This year we were able to raise $2244.60 and collect 623 lbs. of food. The FINAL TOTAL for 2012 Caliente donations totaled $32.75 and 88 lbs. of food. $25.00 helps provide 100 meals $30.00 helps provide 120 meals $40.00 helps provide 160 meals $32.75 helps provided 125 meals Again this year we placed out “Collection Boxes” for the collection of “Canned Food”. We never know what to expect, but you surprised me with your generosity and kindness. We want to say Thank you so very much. PANDA really appreciates your support and we hope that next year we can count on you to help us help many more families. On behalf of PANDA, and myself “Thank you” so much Chris Mulvaney PANDA- Director of Charities Home: 813-532-4397 (after 9 AM) Cell:610-570-7292